Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let My Teenager Drink

T.R. Reid wrote an essay called let my teenager drink. It is about why the law should allow teenagers to drink in the U.S.
I personally agree with Mr. Reid a 100 percent. I have been drinking since I was fifteen and if the law would allow me to drink legally I could have done it a lot safer. Back then I mostly drank at house parties or just somewhere with my friends, and now I still pretty much do the same. If a teenager wants to drink their is no way the law is going to stop them and if you think it is hard for a teenager to get alcohol your and idiot. First of all this whole American concept that teenage drinking is really bad is wrong. As long as you limit and control yourself their is nothing wrong with drinking. I agree there are certain times and places to drink but i don't think your age really matters. As long as you don't drink and drive drinking seems perfectly fine to me. Like I said I have been drinking occasionally since i was 15. When i came to college i actually got my first m.i.p....4years later...then about 2 weeks later i got another one. I didn't realize that cops were such assholes over here. Anyways i took care of both of those and their both off my record. Well my point is that giving someone a ticket for drinking isn't going to make them stop. I think since then I started drinking even a little more.
If the government would lower the drinking age. Even to just 18 like it was a while back things would be a lot better. Well first of all you wouldn’t have college kids getting m.i.p.'s. So that would have saved me about a thousand dollars. Second I think you would have a lot less drunk drivers because since teenagers would be able to drink in public they wouldn’t be driving around when they are drunk. Also you wouldn’t have these teenage kids sneaking around everywhere drinking in bad places. They would be able to tell their parents where they are going and it would probably be a lot safer. Anyways I going to keep drinking no matter what the law says. Two more years and i wont have to worry about it anymore.

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